Equipment Sales

All kinds of machines such as excavators, dumpers, forklifts and lifting platforms


Equipment Rentals

All kinds of heavy machinery.


Transport, Repair & Maintenance

We transport to the required place, repair and maintain all equipment.

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sambre: Your machinery rental company

Sambre offers you an extensive package of products and services.
We manage the purchase, sale, rental and maintenance of our own, new and used machinery, as well as the repair of these vehicles. Unifying these works in the same space offers our clients a series of advantages over the rest.
Much of our stock comes from our own rental fleet. As a result, we are aware at all times of the maintenance status and history of each one of our machines. All the vehicles we supply have also undergone successive safety and maintenance inspections.
If you decide to buy or rent our equipment, you have come to the right place for good, independent and honest advice.

mecanico haciendo mantenimiento en motor de carretilla dentro de taller de sambre

machinery transport

We have our own service to transport machinery, which has many advantages. Do not waste time in calling and managing additional services.
If it is necessary to pick up a machine for repair, we have an immediate replacement service for another equal or similar machine.

additional information

Please request more information (without obligation) through our information contactform if you desire.
We will contact you to answer your questions or provide you with the details you requested, as soon as possible. We analyze each situation personally to provide you with the most accurate and personalized solution.

camion transporte de sambre cargado con carretilla y plataforma elevadora
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know our range

We provide both new and used equipment (per day, week, month, or as long as you deem necessary).
Our range of machinery is wide and varied and we work with the main brands in the market .

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